The Facial Hair League was established in 2014, bringing together Facial Hair clubs and enthusiasts focused on raising money for non-profit organizations and celebrating the men, women and kids that love expressing themselves with that which grows on the face. There are women and children competition categories that are very popular, competitive and encourage philanthropy. The FHL supports events all over the world — there is something for facial hair fans, competitors, clubs and donating corporations.





Welcome to the wonderful world of facial hair competitions. FHL fans can participate in events and even vote real-time using the FHL mobile app.


  • Vote on competitions at live events in real-time

  • Win prizes

  • Follow competitors

  • Instantly view competition winners

  • Stay on top of club and compitetor rankings

We are professors, programmers, CEOs, cab drivers, musicians, beer makers and entrepreneurs. We also have magnificent facial hair.

Competing event winners are selected by qualified judges based on specific facial hair criteria within various categories. Each compeition will eventually have a winning purse that is divided equally among the winners. Each competitor "award" goes to that competitors non-profit. Facial hair fun had by all. 



  • Raise funds for non-profits

  • Featured beard card in FHL mobile app

  • Vote on competitors in other events

  • Judge events

  • Connect with clubs

Clubs and club members attract attention for great causes. The FHL app not only helps clubs manage the difficult process of event check-in, but has judging via mobile devices for instant, error proof judge voting, as well as storing historical records for later review. The FHL promotes FHL events and is designed to help them raise funds and put on solid events.

Clubs can:

  • Raise funds for non-profits

  • Compete at a club level in events across the US

  • Share interests with other enthusiasts

  • Feature section in FHL app



Corporations can get in on the fun as well. FHL is a conduit for corporate philanthropy.

Some of our events attract hundreds of competitors and thousands of audience members. We like to think of it as philanthropy turned into sport. 

Corporate sponsors can:

  • Donate to non-profits

  • Sponsor FHL evens

  • Free media placement on multuple platforms